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Ocean Minerals is mild toner that’s perfect for normal- oily- acne skin types. Often an overlooked step in skincare, toning plays an important role. This step adjusts the pH of the skin, removes any remaining oil or dirt after cleansing and keeps your pores clear and healthy.

Our Ocean Mineral Mist is alcohol free and will not strip away the moisture from your skin but will restore the pH balance, counteract any drying effects from soap or face wash, and leave your skin feeling firm and clean.

Use these gifts from the sea to help balance and re-mineralize the skin. Contains over 72 ionic trace minerals and botanical plants to remove excess dirt, clogged pores and adjust the pH of the skin. Can be used daily to cleanse, balance, tone and heal oily/acne and normal skin types.

Ingredients: Organic Ingredients of Trace Minerals, Ionic Magnesium, Living Silica, Aloe Leaf Juice, Kelp Extract, Irish Moss, Blue Green Algae Extract, Dead Sea Salt, White Willow Bark Extract, Essential Oils of Tea Tree Leaf, Blue Tansy & German Chamomile, Lactobacillus Ferment (natural preservative)

Directions: After cleansing, spray or apply with a cotton round over entire face, neck and décolleté. Air dry for 1-2 minutes. Follow with our Face Serum or Butter Cream.


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